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Supply of spare parts for

Main engine, Aux.engine, Generator, Stern tube seal, Engine room pump, Oil water separator, Filter, Fire distinguisher, Aux. boiler, Air-con, Air compressor, Purifier, Boiler burner, Incinerator, Navigation equipment, Main switch board, etc.

Repair job for

・Daihatsu and MES – Service and overhaul for engine and components
・Jointly with MEC CO., LTD. for cargo pump, safety valves, overhaul.
・Zexel governor recondtioning
・Engine parts reconditioning by Marine Giken and Daikai Engineering

Ballast water treatment system

Providing China Headway "Oceanguard" BWMS to both new shipbuilding and retrofit as a distributor in Japan. Our skilled engineering consultant and staff, Team Pro, and Headway can work together to promote Turn Key contract and installation at shipyard in China.